Friday, February 12, 2010

Safe Games 2010

Today marks the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics in Canada. Right now there are huge numbers of athletes, journalists and tourists in Vancouver and Whistler.

In some respects the Olympics is one giant party, and we all know how important it is important to party responsibly. The Safe Games web site aims to help people do that. It is full of information about harm reduction, safer clubbing, HIV / AIDS awareness, alcohol, overdose prevention, and safer sex. From their web site:
SafeGames 2010 seeks to educate people who may not be aware of the risks of their own behaviour, to highlight the Vancouver’s reputation as a global leader in innovative harm reduction policies and practices, and to support the ongoing work of the many organisations working to provide solutions to Vancouver’s public health challenges.
[Note: this post was written in advance.]


  1. I'm just a faraway observer, but from what I've heard and read, the police and officials are taking a public safety-oriented approach to these Olympics, instead of the broken windows crackdown approach that is sometimes so alluring to public officials. If that's an accurate impression, it's an incredibly good decision.

    Not only does this allow law enforcement to direct its efforts toward legitimate problems, but it creates a much more friendly and open atmosphere for tourists and even for we TV viewers. People go to an event like this to enjoy themselves, and I think it's great that Vancouver officials are working with that fact in mind rather than irrationally denying it. Here's hoping you guys have a fun and safe 2010 games!

  2. Matt Elrod, Canadian reformer, computer guru for & dozens of reform organizations said recently that the cannabis community was gearing up for the extra business.
    Would like to see a story or two on here about the places, (clubs?) in Vancouver where cannabis is consumed. Heard about them eons ago and haven't heard much sense.


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