Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Chief's Corner

The Chief's Corner is one of my favourite blogs, and right now there's a good debate going in the comments section. Chief Casady wrote a post about a large marijuana bust that took place recently. It appears to be the largest seizure in Lincoln, Nebraska for at least a decade. Not suprisingly, this brought out folks from Nebraska and beyond who wanted to discuss marijuana legalization.


  1. Now all comments have to be approved first. So much for open debate on that page.

  2. Hi Bill, to be fair to Chief Casady, he has had comment moderation on his blog for a long time. I think it came about as a result of spammers, trolls, police haters, as well as the possible liability issues to his department as a result of comments appearing on his blog that might refer to cases before the courts or reveal confidential information.

    He usually writes a post everyday except for Sundays, so I imagine there will be a whole slew of comments appearing on the blog tomorrow. He rarely (that I know of) censors comments, and at times I have seen him approve of comments that were critical of his department as well as himself.

    Although he does not agree with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, he has done a number of things I think you would find interesting. (For example, he canceled the DARE program to save money.) In many areas of policing he focuses heavily on strategies based on data and scientific evidence. Although we may have different ideas about drug policy, I've learned a tonne from reading his blog (and let's face it: there aren't a lot of chiefs out there with their own blogs).

  3. I won't be moving to Nebraska! My state is looking at medical cannabis. The ones opposing the most, are the state police! Like the guy said int he comments I just read, "Where did they get their medical degree?" (no offense to dedicated police officers)

    And after reading the comments, I see there is a lot of entrenched ignorance that will have to be overcome.


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