Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's our solution?

The British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV / AIDS just released an important scientific review. They looked at all known English language scientific literature focused on the link between drug law enforcement and violence. They identified fifteen studies completed over the last twenty years, of which thirteen suggested that more drug enforcement results in increased levels of violence. Here are links to the one page summary and the full report.

Here's the response from RCMP Staff Sergeant Dave Goddard, as quoted by The Province:
B.C. had 140 homicides in 2008, more than in any other year, and the RCMP deemed 30 per cent of those deaths were "gang-related".

But the UBC report is dismissed by RCMP Staff Sgt. Dave Goddard, who posed last week in front of 1,001 kilograms of cocaine seized from a sailboat, leading to charges against a Canadian and a Mexican.

"These intellectuals who come up with these ideas are great at pointing out the problem, but what's their solution?" demands Goddard.


  1. Golly Gee Willakers Wally! Whatever could it be?! ;-)

    Welcome to the Lands of Eternal War!
    Look over there. As we look in the direction of more violence we see more violence, death, blood, darkness, shame, crying.

    But as we look in the direction of less violence, wait, can't see, too bright, must … not … look … at … the … light … I'm melting!

    "What's their solution?" just goes show yet again the prophecies of the Bible coming true. It's been said for decades, the call and proofs are even more hard to ignore these days with more and more people saying to end prohibition now, intelligently. But prophecy states simply: they closed their eyes so they would not see. They plugged their ears so they would not hear. etc…

    My guess is he's not a descendant of Robert Goddard, or even vaguely related to him. Because it sure doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize prohibition is a complete failure.

    Anyone in his or her right mind knows that if you go around spreading hate and violence that's what's going to be fomented. And if you go around spreading love and kindness, that's what's going to be engendered.

    I have to admit I think I hear a Robert Palmer song in that news piece: Sailing Shoes.

  2. Too bad our own U.S. "leaders" are down in Mexico today, showing they too just don't get it.

  3. SSgt. Goddard doesn't sound like someone qualified to sneer at intellectuals...

  4. Im thinking - maybe I should write a lett to Sgt Goddard, and tell what the solution should be - end prohibition !!


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