Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Even More Police for Ciudad Juárez

Yesterday 450 more Federal Police officers arrived in Cuidad Juárez aboard 4 airplanes. This is in addition to the already 2700 police officers posted there and the 7000 troops that Calderon had sent 3 years ago. All of this for a city now estimated to be less than one million people.

This enormous amount of manpower did not stop the killings though, as Juárez added another 11 executions and the city of Chihuahua 2 more as well. Cuernavaca, Morelos had more killings (for those of you not aware of its location, Cuernavaca is south of Mexico City, about a 45 minute drive and is home to a large community of Canadians and Americans). Sinaloa had another 5 deaths while Chilpancingo, Guerrero another assassination as well.

All in all, 36 more deaths have been added to the drug war total, now at 2289 since January 2010 (an average of 28 per day)

Another Mexican Senator has called for the legalisation of marijuana, citing the blood-bath that is now the northern Mexican border. Senator Rosario Green  Macías states that the current efforts of assistance by the United States to fight a drug war have failed and that for success to  be achieved it is necessary to legalise marijuana.

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