Thursday, March 25, 2010

More and more, faster and faster

The rhetoric of both the Mexican and US governments has been increasing in the last 2 weeks, and a macabre gauge of this, or the cartel's response, has been an increase in the amount of killings since March 9th (2 weeks ago), with nearly 600 people murdered (590 according to the newspaper, El Universal). 

For those of you following my blog you know that the daily average for 2010 has been at 28, BUT, for this 2 week time period the average daily slaughter from the cartel-related violence is 40 per day. It seems that the more the government's rattle their swords, the more people die, and this can be directly related to the prohibition of drugs by the US. Where is the OUTRAGE?

Today's tally is at 2323, with another 34 added last night, including 16 in the state of Chihuahua (5 in the capital city of Chihuahua and 7 more in Juárez, including a 13 year old boy who was gunned down). Oaxaca had 3 killings and a police officer in Guerrero was killed as were 3 other people in Sinaloa.

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  1. Walter, you're going to give yourself carpal tunnel syndrome if you write up every murder that takes place every day.

    So last night I noticed a news bit:
    Police chief decapitated in northern Mexico town

    More "victory" for the likes of those in positions they don't belong in, since they equate violence and death with victory.

    But since they so obviously love chasing their tails, they will no doubt puff themselves up with self-righteous indignation and make similar statements about how this proves they are winning, how "they are the bad guys" and "we are the good guys," trying to turn huge swaths of gray in to black and white.

    Peter has pointed this out a number of times:

    I wish the BBC article named names instead of the amorphous "Washington says the rising death toll is a sign the drug gangs are weakening…"


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