Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Force DEA to Tell the Truth About Medical Marijuana

In a significant reversal, the American Medical Association on November 10 acknowledged the medical value of marijuana and called for the U.S. government to reconsider marijuana's current classification as a Schedule I substance (drugs that the government says have "no currently accepted medical use").

However, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) still claims on its website that, "The American Medical Association recommends that marijuana remain a Schedule I controlled substance."

Please use the form at http://www.CopsSayLegalizeDrugs.com/dea to send a message to Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice, asking them to correct this misinformation on a government website.


  1. Yeah, I pointed this out when you guys posted on the AMA announcement. Given how polished the site is, I can't believe that simple inattentiveness can explain the objectively false statement. The DEA simply doesn't want to face the facts.

  2. I'll even ask Mr. Holder to get them to add a section to their website — since they seem to be interested in what other organizations/people think — that many current and former DEA agents, as well as current and former cops, lawyers, judges, prison guards and wardens all think the War on Drugs is a freaking disaster.

    This important information is missing from their website! Please tell Holder the DEA needs to add that too! Hm, let's see what sentence they should add:
    • Prohibition is proven to cause the potency of drugs to increase.
    • Prohibition is proven to cause a thriving black market which then has huge profits, incentive to get people hooked on drugs, cheat drug buyers and mix in other chemicals in the drugs they buy, etc…
    • Prohibition is proven to prevent taxes being paid on hundreds of billions of dollars of cash transactions.
    • Prohibition is a proven method of undermining, and destroying our Constitution, while making our own government fulfill every point of anger in the Declaration of Independence.
    • Forcing drug prohibition on the rest of the world is a sure method to make them hate us, and drive us bankrupt as we try to stomp out plants people have used for millennia.
    • Drug prohibition and incarceration is a proven method to cause adults to use children to deal drugs.

    Those points and many more are missing from the DEA website! :-)

  3. Victory!


    Good job everyone!

  4. The day the AMA came out with their announcement, I posted to one of my blogs about the "Schedule 1 Lie" and have been hitting it, over and over.

    Who said our voices aren't heard? LOL


  5. The only way to get cannibis dealers to stop making huge illegal $ and to end drug violence is by legalizing the stuff so that it is a non-issue.

    Think about tax $ coming in rather than going out to groups intent on trying to irradicate the stuff.

  6. If by the Grace of God, I manage to get the nomination from the Republican Party, and win the general election to become President of the USA; I plan to escalate the war in Afghanistan immediately by forming a Special Forces Combat Ready Division of highly trained, very experienced street smart warriors. I will send them on a mission to Afghanistan with orders to completely take control of the opium poppy production in that country, which will deny the enemy forces of their main source of cash income.

    These special forces will be formed by members of the DEA, State and local police departments, and other well experienced Drug War veterans from similar occupations. I plan put them to good use by employing the skill sets they have developed while prosecuting the War on Drugs here in the USA. Those services will no longer be a priority during my administration. We will fine tune our approach to the problem of drug addiction, and recognize it as a curable and easily treated medical condition. My plan is to restore their health, both mentally and physically, so that they nay become useful, productive, and healthy American citizens.

    Thank You For Your Support

    Colonel Oliver Wimbleton Pepper IV Esq. BMI
    Colonel Pepper for President Exploratory Foundation
    Phoenix, Arizona



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