Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ethan Nadelmann's speech

Looking for inspiration? Check out the video of Ethan Nadelmann's opening speech at the Reform Conference. It's 36 minutes long but worth watching the whole thing, especially if you haven't seen him speak before. He thanks LEAP at the 34 minute mark.


  1. I just got around to watching this -- fantastic speech by Ethan. He has a style that is neither deferential nor arrogant, which allows him to assert his opinions without seeming pushy. Those of us who don't have a large audience would do well to imitate this style in our personal conversations about the issue; word-of-mouth will continue to be an enormous factor in the public's changing views on drug prohibition.

    The facts are out there -- if more of us can deliver them as compassionately and honestly as Ethan, the movement to end prohibition will benefit immeasurably.

  2. Ethan gave some great speeches. I only was able to meet him in person for about 15 seconds, but maybe some day I can rally the troops with similar gusto. :-)

    If you check out Dean's radio show this past week (Cultural Baggage) you can have it (most of it) as an mp3 to carry around, burn on a CD for folks without computers…


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