Sunday, November 15, 2009

Peter Christ in The Buffalo News

The Buffalo News has a good article about a women who found herself asked to be a confidential informant after she was caught for driving without a license. It quotes Peter Christ:
Peter Christ, who retired from the Tonawanda Police Department as a captain and founded Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, said recruiting someone who doesn't use drugs as a drug informant is one of the reasons America is losing the war on drugs.

"When you have a doomed, failed policy," Christ said, whose organization now has more than 2,000 former cops working against the country's drug policies, "these are the kinds of things you do to try to make it seem like it's working."
By the way, if you like reading about informant related issues, check out The Snitching Blog by Alexandra Natapoff.

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  1. Speaking of Peter, now that he's not in the pool of humanity (for the time being), maybe you can get him to relate to you the story of creating a traffic scheme for a new city.

    I will try to recall what I can and type it up myself at some point, but you may be able to do it sooner than me. :-)


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