Thursday, November 5, 2009

VIDEO: LEAP Talks Legalization on Fox News

Jack Cole, retired undercover narcotics detective and LEAP's executive director, went on Judge Andrew Napolitano's Fox News show to discuss the pair's mutual support for legalizing drugs after spending careers sending countless drug offenders to jail.


  1. But good enough CAP. Read your comment down a few. Thanks for all the work you do to end Prohibition.
    The one I'm working with now is my Chiropractor. It started out bumpy at first but has now evolved into a civil conversation. He also has LEAP information in his hands and you can bet I'll be quizzing him next visit. He's a very popular man in the town next to us, he's a volunteer Sheriff, and is in a position to effectively change the attitude of an entire small town. I'll keep at it too while searching for my next contact.


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