Friday, November 20, 2009

Submit marijuana polling question to CBC

The CBC, a national television station in Canada, is looking for polling questions. Please submit this question or a variation of it: "Should the government of Canada repeal marijuana prohibition and replace it with a legal, regulated and taxed system of production and distribution to adult consumers?" (Thanks go to Mark Haden and Kirk Tousaw for the heads up.)

Questions can be submitted to This is a great opportunity to get new polling data on marijuana legalization in Canada. As far as I know the last major poll was in May 2008 by Angus Reid and it showed 53% support for legalizing marijuana. Support for legalizing more serious drugs like cocaine and heroin was between 7 and 9%.

The results of the poll will be presented on Power & Politics with Evan Solomon.

By the way, I'll be in Ottawa on November 25 to testify before the Senate Committee on Legal & Constitutional Affairs. I'll be talking about Bill C-15 which creates mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders. My part will be at 6pm EST and it will be webcast if you're interested.


  1. Sent. I'll be interested to see what question ultimately wins. Many of us south of the border have been a bit disappointed that the Canadian government hasn't moved faster on marijuana legalization, at least in certain areas (BC, I'm looking at you). Of course our own government is largely to blame for that; the Marc Emery case alone shows exactly how unreasonable we're being.

    I'm also hoping to catch your testimony David, best of luck!

  2. Sent.

    I said: "Would a system of regulation and control of marijuana be better than the current system of Prohibition?" as my question.

  3. Thanks Bear, Rhayader and Kosmos. Much appreciated. I sent in a question as well.

    I am kind of swamped right now, preparing for my testimony for Bill C-15, so posting on the blog might be light for a couple of days.


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