Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Authorities raise estimate from 25 to at least 40 bodies in Taxco grave

The deeper that they explore the abandoned mine shaft the higher the count for bodies discovered in this mass grave in Taxco with the local authorities now raising their count to at least 40.

Meanwhile the kidnappings are now becoming more high profile as the cartels continue to flex their power in defiance of Calderón's rhetoric as 2 high level police commanders in Monterrey were kidnapped. The director of the Transit Police of Monterrey, Reynaldo Ramos, was abducted by armed men early Sunday morning from his house. Several vehicles blocked off his street before the operation took place. This happened just 24 hours after the high-profile abduction of the Secretary of Security for Monterrey, Juan Enrique Barrios Rodríguez in a similar manner (which, naturally, makes the mine-shaft story (above) even more ominous). For those who are not aware, Monterrey is the industrial heart of Mexico, one of the main engines of growth and income and home to a large number of the elite. This indicates that the stakes in the war have now been raised considerably, especially in light of the abduction of Diego Fernández de Cevallos earlier this month.

In Durango, a Director of a school was gunned down as the school was starting. Rafael Perea Morales was gunned downed in of his students as a man approached, offering to shake his hand.

In the city of Chihuahua a gun-battle occurred near a school, leaving two gunmen dead while 6 gangsters died in a battle between two rival gangs in Guerrero. The police discovered the bodies of 2 women and a man near 4 abandoned luxury SUVs near the town of Tlanipatán and another 2 bodies a half a mile away in a Nissan and the sixth a further 8 miles in a Chevy. Meanwhile Baja California reported another 8 executions, Sinaloa 3, Michoacán 3, Chihuahua 3, Mexico State 3, Veracruz 2, Nuevo León 1 and Durango 1.

All told there were 41 killings throughout Mexico, bringing the yearly total to 4563 (8002)

For a map of the killings: click: Narco-killings


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