Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Government Drug Testing, Where is the Money Going to Come From?

Now the government is talking about drug tests to get unemployment benefits. I have a problem with this, whats next, they spend unemployment money on alcohol, so test for it. Most of the people who use drugs, use marijuana, not crack or heroine. So if someone smoked a joint a month ago, they may test positive for marijuana, and be denied benefits.

When my doctor does his drug tests to make sure I’m using my pain medications properly, it costs around $1000.00, my co-pay alone is $180.00. So multiply the number of people on unemployment by $1000.00, and see how much money were going to waste doing these drug tests.

According to this article (article removed), there are 12.5 million unemployed people. Even if it’s less than half that 5,000,000 would cost $500,000,000 to drug test. So were going to save money with these drug tests how?

Government agencies including law enforcement, and industries like drug testing, drug counseling, and the private for-profit prison we have here in Mohave County are as addicted to drug money as the drug users.

The government already penalizes anyone with a drug conviction by denying food stamps, housing, higher education, and other government benefits. When someone does get out of jail from a drug charge, if we refuse to assist these people to get back on their feet and become productive citizens, what option do they have. go back to drugs. Now we want to push people on unemployment benefits into drug dealing.


  1. Maybe they plan on starving the "druggies " out!!? Sad thing is the rich druggies can do what they want. It is the poor who are damaged by this system! Looks sort of like a genocide!

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