Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Record 85 killed yesterday

Since the beginning of Calderón's war 3 years ago, with over 27,000 killed, yesterday marked a new level of violence with at least 85 people killed in narco-related violence (the state of Chihuahua has seen 38 executions in last 38 hours, 1 per hour since Calderón has been in South Africa to watch the World Cup). These killings included 2 students in San Luis Potosí and 6 police officers (3 each in Chihuahua and Durango)...For those keeping track, other record days of slaughter were: November 3 2008 with 58 and August 17 2009 with 57.

Once again, a drug addiction rehabilitation centre "Fe y Vida" in the city of Chihuahua was targeted as at least 20 gunmen ordered the patients outside, lined them up against the wall and executed 19 of them and wounded 4 others. Juárez, for its part, had another 19 killings as well, including a police captain and 2 other police officers of the municipal police. In Durango 3 police officers were gunned down as they ate breakfast in the city of Gómez Palacio. In Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí a group of students traveling in a car were caught in the cross fire of 2 gangs leaving 2 girls dead. The state of Guerrero had 5 executions in the municipalities of Teconapa, Iguala, Tlapa, and Pilcaya. There were 2 executions in Guadalajara, Jalisco and a woman's body wrapped in a blanket was discovered in Tlaquepaque with signs of torture. In Emiliano Zapata, Morelos, a 69 year old man was killed in his home by unknown assailants, he was beaten and cut with machetes and then set on fire. Two men were gunned down in the state of Mexico, one in Coacalco as well in Chicolapan and another in Tijuana. In Huimilpan, Querétaro a burned body was discovered in a car and a body was discovered in Tlapan, Mexico City.

The violence continues in Monterrey, Nuevo León as a group of gunmen attacked a local hotel, "Plaza del Arco" on Francisco Madera avenue, where Federal Police were lodged. High calibre weapons as well as grenades were used in the attack that occurred 24 hours after the arrest of the head of the Zetas in Monterrey, Héctor Raúl Luna Luna.

For a map of the killings: click: Narco-killings

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  1. Don't like the use of the word ''execution'' in these situations. Lends an air of legitimacy that murder doesn't deserve.

  2. The US reaction to all this is predictable: send more weapons, train more police, spend more money. The irony: history shows that the more the "law and order" side escalates the war, the more violence occurs.


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