Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mac vs. PC

Here is the new LEAP video:


  1. I appreciate the effort and acting, but this video seems a bit corny. What I'd recommend instead is a more modern take (I recommend using Adobe Flash).


    You present information with quick, stylized animations of icons or words. It gets the message across quickly and efficiently.

    But that's my take.


  2. My perspective is different from Bear's. In general I thought the script was good, with some really good lines.

    I am someone who has been using computers since the 1970s and when the Mac came along I immediately saw the benefits and potential of data streams to multiple windows instead of just one 80x25 character screen.

    Just like the MS minion did their best to murder Apple and Mac users off the planet with their dire predictions, outright lies, FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), and corrupting our political institutions with conflict of interest, this is remarkably parallel to the Drug War. The Drug Warriors have adopted nearly every page from that part of history. They love their FUD with regard to legalizing drugs. They love to spread lies about marijuana and other drugs.

    But I guess this all just goes to show that we need an "in addition to" perspective vs. an "instead of" perspective. The crowd that needs enlightenment is huge and not just one age group, religion, political orientation, etc…

    I watched the video at the link you provided, Bear, and I must say it is not my taste. I really dislike strobe-like video and although I did my best to watch the whole thing, when it comes to TV, I literally close my eyes so I don't have to watch rapid-fire scene cuts. Perhaps in my old age my mind prefers less rapid-fire herky-jerky visuals.

    But videos like that are just another means to reach people, so I live and let live.

  3. Good job guys. It's nothing new to readers of this blog, but it's a nice, succinct, light-hearted take on the dissonance between the stated goals of prohibitionists and the reality of prohibition.

    Also, that last part where the Drug Warrior asks "what are you on?" -- that's scary accurate. I've been asked a variation on that in drug war debates more times than I can count.

  4. The first thing to come to mind for most people who hear "drug legalization" is dope head. They automatically think that only reason someone would want drugs legalized is to use them - personally. It never dawns on them that prohibitiion causes major problems in society, and THAT is the reason why we at LEAP are doing what we are doing.

    I am glad to be a newly appointed speaker for LEAP, and look forward to spreading the truth about the problems with our present drug prohibition and debating for the cause in public venues. I truly believe that this is one of the most important issues of our time.

  5. Welcome D. Sessom, my opinion is this is THE most important issue of our time. The elderly are being kept from a proven medicine, marijuana, good for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, etc… The elderly, and others in pain are forced to become Olympic-level hurdle-jumpers due to DEA threats hanging over them. Young people are affected as well, not just being locked up, but they will be forced to pay mind-boggling taxes to pay for this steadily accruing disaster.

    The environment takes a beating. This issue is steeped and borne out of racism.

    Every issue I can think of is made worse, or originates, in the Drug War.

  6. i really liked the video "What are you on?" "The ballot."

    Nuff said.


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