Sunday, June 6, 2010

High value targets

In the past 3 days 120 people have been murdered, a number of them police officers, politicians and other high value targets, a deliberate strategy of war against the state by the narcos.

On Thursday, a gun-battle between police officers and gangsters left one police officer and one narco dead with 9 other narcos captured in the municipality of Rincón de Romos, Zacatecas. The fallen police officer, Víctor Vásquez González, was a specialist in investigating kidnappings for the state police. Monterrey saw 5 police officers assassinated, 2 of whom were Federal Police (and one seriously wounded while the other 3 were municipal police officers. The Federal Police had stopped a truck to issue traffic tickets when they were attacked by gunmen as they drove by in an SUV. Two hours later, after this attack, gunmen attack a group of municipal police officers in a public parking lot, killing the 3 officers, Eduardo Leal Campos, José Ángel Rodríguez and Sergio Pérez Beltrán.

On Friday 4 more youths were gunned down by gangsters as they played sports while another 3 youths, (all students aged 13, 15, and 17) were killed by soldiers as they traveled in a Dodge Ram pick-up on the Reynosa-Nuevo Laredo highway in Tamaulipas. Another prison riot in Chihuahua left 2 more dead while 4 bodies were discovered in Hacienda del Lago, Jalisco wrapped in blankets that were bound with tape, 2 of the bodies were decapitated. A total of 17 people were executed overall in Chihuahua with 7 of those in Juárez. In Culiacán, Sinaloa, the head of security for the Governor's palace was gravely wounded as he was heading to work while 4 others were executed in other parts of Sinaloa while 2 graves were discovered in Uruapan, Michoacán with 3 mummified corpses with their hands bound.

The estimates of the number of bodies in the mass grave in Taxco keeps rising, with officials now indicating that the number could be more than 100 (this is up from the 40 count the other day) as they have already recovered nearly 40 already, the majority of them with their hands and feet bound.

On Saturday, the Secretary for Public Security for the state of Durango, Valentín Romano López, was attacked by approximately 20 gunmen in various vehicles. Although Romano escaped injury, four of his bodyguards did not. During the attack, the gunmen threw hand grenades at arriving police, wounding 2 of them. In the city of Navolato, Sinaloa, the brother of a mayoral candidate, Evelio Plata Inzunza and 3 police officers were killed, including the police chief of Mazatlán, in separate attacks. Four other family members of Inzunza were also attacked with 3 of them dead and the other wounded.

For a map of the killings: click: Narco-killings


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