Saturday, May 22, 2010

Failed state... no, failing state... yes.

The war on drugs, whether waged by Mexico and/or the US, is ripping apart the social and moral fabric of the countries that participate. People have no respect for the intrusive, police-state mechanisms that the government(s) employ to catch/kill dealers, users and more often than not, innocent bystanders.

Organized crime, which is a blight on any society, uses this ever widening rift between the police and the community to its advantage, exploiting the growing distrust between the community and its police to operate freely in a blackmarket that more and more citizens are now regarding as "justified" because they have lost faith in the police and the regulatory mechanism of the government (at any level). 

Drugs is merely a wedge for organized crime to separate the good citizens from good police and from good government. And, in Mexico, we can see that displayed each and every day with no sign that the government is aware that it is not only losing the "war" on drugs but the hearts and souls of its citizens. 

Ripping is too gentle a word, maybe disintegration is more apt.

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  1. Great write-up.

    Although I'm not clear in the second paragraph with regard to what citizens consider justified, the black market?

    My only criticism would be that for some, Mexico or the U.S., do not seem like failed states only because they still have some semblance of normalcy, few or no deaths around them, they can switch TV channels to something else other than the Drug War, they earn so much money that the greedy gobbling of money to burn it in huge piles (Drug War) is kind of easy to ignore.

    But for many people, Mexico and the U.S., ARE failed states. The government no longer respects our intrinsic rights. Govt. at all levels shows increasing levels of corruption, which is experienced or read about daily or multiple times per day. Family members, friends, or neighbors are dead or brutally yanked from productive lives (incarcerated).

    In other words, I personally think some people have set the bar too high for "failed state." Must we wait for anarchy in the streets to be able to "officially" declare "failed state?" Must we wait for the nations we owe insane amounts of money to, to invade us demanding it back or collateral or even control?!

    It's my opinion that the U.S. is a failed state, and thus Mexico. Much of government does not protect us, it preys on us, and has been infiltrated with operatives from the mega-corps(es); they work in tandem to line us up like ducks in a shooting gallery, like fish in a barrel.

    People in and bullying our govt. seem to forget the Founding Fathers pledged their lives and fortunes to each other. It seems most, or all, of them think the Founding Fathers pledged to:
    • Continuously shop for the lowest labor costs.
    • Exploit natural resources for the benefit of a few.
    • Always figure out the most expensive prices vendors can charge.
    • Legislate and force their religions — or professed abstinence from — on others.

    I know, I know, some will banter off a list of ways we are "protected" and other examples of good deeds and that kind of stuff. But my answer to them is look at the guy sleepwalking. He can talk with you, he can get himself some food from the fridge, and there may be more tricks he can perform, but the fact is he's asleep! Or look at a dead person. The whole body does not die at once! Some parts of the body take much longer to die off than others.

    Putting a bullet through Pastor Ayers' heart merely took out his heart's circulation. Other parts of his body stayed alive and struggled, trying to deal with a massive system failure. If you don't believe me, then let me introduce you to a program known as "organ donation." Yes, that is proof that we don't just die "at once."

    This is the current state of the U.S., we are a failed state, but not quite entirely dead. Reminds me of a saying from Jesus, "you have a reputation for being alive. But you are DEAD! Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of my God." Revelation 3.


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