Saturday, May 1, 2010

Major drug war in Ontario

We are in the early days of a major drug war in Ontario, Canada. It will have huge ramifications and may eventually threaten the political stability of the current government. Fortunately, no one is getting shot or stabbed. No car bombs are exploding. Citizens still feel safe in the streets.

Why is this? Because this battle is for control of the profits from legal drugs:
Ontario’s pharmacies are escalating their fight against the Liberal government by aggressively targeting the ridings of 25 MPPs.

For the most part, they are MPPs who are expected to face tight contests in the next provincial election – including several ministers. The aim, according to a source close to the pharmacies’ campaign, is to sow dissent among Dalton McGuinty’s caucus members.

If they’re successful, the pharmacies hope the government will feel compelled to soften its plan to reduce prescription costs by eliminating “professional allowances” – the large sums paid by generic manufacturers to stores in return for selling their products.
I know Walter McKay always includes the death toll at the end of his posts about Mexican drug war, so I'll do the same for this post. Here's the number of people killed so far in the 2010 Ontario prescription drug war: zero.

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