Monday, May 24, 2010

Mexican narcos control Latin America

The US state department has stated that Mexico drug trafficking organisations now control both Central America and South America with a marked presence in every country including innocuous Belize. Edgardo Buscaglia confirmed this assessment when he delivered his report on organized crime to the United Nations "Internacional Estratégico de Control de las Drogas 2010".

The continuing attacks on police forces left 2 Federal Police officers dead in Nuevo León. Kidnapped last Friday, the bodies of the 2 officers were discovered in the municipality of China, Nuevo León. As well, 3 Federal Police agents were wounded as they were patrolling Ciudad Juárez in their car. Eight people in all were victims of homicide yesterday in Juarez, including two Boy Scouts, ages 18 and 21, who were pursued and shot from a moving vehicle as they traveled along Hwy 45 south of the city en route to Juarez. Another victim was hit by a car as a group of criminals were fleeing after robbing a store. The robbers were being chased by federal police and the driver of the car was shot and hit a pedestrian who also died.

In the city of Chihuahua, a group of gunmen killed a person behind the "California Bar" while the bodies of 4 men were found in "Los Arcos" district of the city of Chihuahua. In Tepic 2 other men were discovered shot to death and in Jalisco the torched bodies of a man and a woman were found while a young male was discovered dead in Coahuila.

For a map of the killings: click: Narco-killings


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