Friday, May 14, 2010

Mayor and his son assassinated

José Mario Guajardo Varela, the mayor of Valle Hermosa, Tamaulipas and his 21 year old son, Luis Mario Guajardo, were gunned down by 2 gangsters in their mid 20's. The gunmen had gone to Guajardo's office and asked for him, after Guajardo identified himself he was shot as was his son Luis as he rushed to assist his father. The 2 killers shot and killed another employee, Fernando Treviño, as they fled the establishment. Police later gathered 22 shell casing from 9mm rounds at the scene.

In the last 24 hour period, a dozen people have been murdered in Chihuahua alone, including a member of the State Attorney's office as well as 2 State Police officers. On a hillside outside of Chihuahua 3 decapitated bodies were discovered while Sinaloa had 6 more killings and Nuevo León 5, Guerrero 2 as did Durango.

All in all there were 31 more killings added to the 2010 count, which now stands at 3901 (4901).



  1. I really appreciate these updates. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate you saying so (many of the postings are similar, but if you check out my other blog it is more comprehensive:


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