Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kidnappers are foiled

Illegal immigrants from South America (who are often targeted by organized gangs for beatings, extortion, kidnappings, robberies and rape, as they ride on top of trains entering Mexico from the south) turned the tables on their attackers last Thursday night (April 29), leaving 2 of the bad guys dead. Near the town of La Libertad, Chiapas, a gang of at least 8 men, armed with Uzis, assault rifles and 9 mm handguns forced the train to stop and they then removed a group of 500 illegal immigrants who were riding on top. Many of the victims realized that they had the advantage in numbers and attacked the  gang, beating 2 of them to death while the others fled.

Meanwhile, in Culiacán, an armed group of at least 12 gunmen, with their faces covered, stopped a police patrol car and, after disarming the officers, separated the police commander from the others and then shot him to death. In Nuevo León,  there were 5 more executions, including a woman, while in Durango there were 4, 3 of whom were brothers whose bodies were discovered in a Jeep Cherokee. 

Michoacán had 4 murders, including a decapitated body  with a message on it that was discovered in front of the town hall of Santa Ana Maya. Aside from seeing snow in May, the city of Chihuahua had 2 more killings and the City of Mexico had 5. In Guanajuato, police officers were attacked with high caliber rifles when they attempted to stop an SUV. The gun-fight continued for several blocks with the gangsters finally escaping, no one was wounded in this exchange.

This brings the yearly total for 2010 to 3233 (4233) with 21 added yesterday

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