Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LEAP contest results in newspaper mention

A while ago we held a contest to give away three copies of Transform's book, "After the War on Drugs, Blueprints for Regulation." Readers were asked to suggest politicians or law enforcement officials who were open minded but who may not have thought about the unintended consequences of drug prohibition.

Based on reader suggestions, I sent the book and some LEAP materials to three contest winners, including Mayor Ross Forrest of Lake Cowichan, British Columbia. Today I learned this ended up generating a mention for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition in the local newspaper, the Lake Cowichan Gazette:
Responding to a package of information sent to council from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a group that hopes to legalize drugs, council decided to at least consider their point of view, and to review the material.

“I don’t want to hide this stuff from you,” Mayor Ross Forrest said, of having received the package, complete with a DVD that both councillors Bob Day and Tim McGonigle were interested in watching.
A big thank you to the blog reader who made this suggestion in the first place. They wanted to remain anonymous, but I feel it's important to thank them publicly.

Update: please note this is a pre-scheduled post, written last night.

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  1. Awesome, it's great to hear that politicians are paying attention to this stuff. I think LEAP holds a unique position of credibility among traditional media and political institutions, compared to most other drug policy reform groups. Great job guys!


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