Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Justice in Mexico report

May report in pdf format available here:   www.justiceinmexico.org
A plain text summary is pasted below...

Dear Justice in Mexico Subscriber,

On behalf of the Trans-Border Institute (TBI) at the University of San Diego, I'm pleased to send you our May 2010 news report from the Justice in Mexico Project.  Here are a few highlights:

• Ejecuciones surpass 4,000 for 2010, with Chihuahua and Sinaloa still hardest hit

• President Calderón meets with Obama administration in Washington

• Influential PAN leader kidnapped from his ranch in Querétaro

 •Mexican Senate passes law on military’s role in public security operations and kidnapping bill

• Questions of Mexican government “collaboration” with Sinaloa cartel raised

Also, as always, remember that our monthly reports, as well as our latest drug violence maps, are available on our project website (www.justiceinmexico.org). You can also view regular updates on rule
of law and security issues in Mexico on our blog and RSS feed (http://justiceinmexico.wordpress.com). Also, our database of crime indicators can be accessed on the TBI website (www.sandiego.edu/tbidata).

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