Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Police surrender their town

The police force of La Unión, Guerrero resigned en masse yesterday after an attack on the police headquarters by a group of armed men that left 2 officers gravely wounded last Saturday. After the force of 6 police officers quit, leaving only the Director of Security in charge and his assistant, the mayor of La Unión requested the state police to take over policing the municipality. In nearby Taxco, about an hours drive west of Acapulco, a group of police officers were attacked by 3 men who then took the officer's weapons, uniforms and police equipment.

Elsewhere, in Tamaulipas, armed gunmen shot up a Federal Police station in the municipality of González which left one dead and 2 wounded. And, in Chihuahua, 8 men were executed in the capital city one of whom was the uncle of a PRI candidate. Nine people were killed in Juárez yesterday as was a police commander this morning.

The current breakdown of the killings for 2010 is a follows: 26 soldiers, 234 police officers, 123 decapitations, 270 instances of torture, 239 women and 3726 men so far....

And, for a bit of good news, French police officers are training the state of Baja California police officer members on techniques for detecting fraudulent documents.

For a map of the killings: click: Narco-killings


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